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What Is The Best Way To Heat A Room At Home?

We are asked quite often about heating and the best way to go about it. Here is some information about heating that our readers may not know.

Question: What costs more? My portable heater or inverter air conditioning system?

Answer: Portable Heaters!

Below are some comparisons which show the running costs.
Small Room
Electric/ Panel heaters cost approximately $.38 per hour to run.
Air conditioning for a small room costs approximately $0.11 per hour to run.

Large Room
Electric/ Panel heaters cost approximately $.53 (larger unit) per hour to run.
Gas heaters cost approximately $0.49 per hour to run.
Air conditioning for a large room costs approximately $0.35 per hour to run.

Note – Estimated running costs are based on the AGL electricity and Origin Energy standing retail contracts. For further methodology information contact Energy Advisory Service.

Question: Does my portable heater warm the room efficiently?

Answer: It is limited to one area unless you are constantly moving it around.

Air conditioning systems are far superior in heating a room compared to portable heaters. The unit allows warm air to be moved throughout the room effortlessly with a large fan barrel. This in turn keeps the entire room warm, with minimal variation in temperature.

Question:  My unit is very large, it must be expensive to run?

Answer: If you use the air conditioning system correctly it doesn’t cost much at all.

Close your doors and windows to the designated room prior to the cold setting in. Turn the heater on early and turn it off/ down once you reach the desired temperature (some units do this automatically). If you leave the doors open, the unit will continue to work hard to warm the room, which is expensive.

In summary we believe the air conditioning system is a far better option year round. Not only are you keeping warm during winter but with a click of a button you are keeping cool in the hotter months.

Winter is a great time to save on installations. Swap your panel heaters & gas heaters for an inverter split system. Take advantage of the Supplier cash back while you can!

Contact the SJK Electrical & Air team to find out about our great specials and cash back offers. Call 07 3870 9893 for more information!

SJK Collective

SJK Collective

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