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As the founder and Managing Director of SJK Collective, Scott Kilkeary has always been involved in local businesses that help to improve the living conditions of Brisbane residents. Scott began by managing a small business in Ashgrove, Brisbane. He later moved into construction, where he rose to the position of foreman, running jobs in Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs. It was here that he gathered most experience in working with a wide range contractors from different trades – some of whom were often highly professional and reliable, and others who were less so. Struck by the variations and inconsistencies across different contractors, Scott began to realise what residents and businesses throughout South East Queensland faced every time they needed electrical or other trades work done. It was difficult to know in advance whether a contractor would be punctual, reliable, and professional. Scott realised that he could deliver benefit the Brisbane community by providing a comprehensive and trustworthy range of electrical services under one roof.

Founding the company

“SJK Electrical” was founded on June 1, 2013 in Toowong, with Scott as its sole employee. From humble beginnings, Scott worked hard to build up a reputation as a friendly, trustworthy, and reliably consistent electrical contractor. As this reputation grew, so did the team around him, with additional electricians and vehicles bringing a need to move the headquarters to a larger location in Indooroopilly. As our client outreach further expanded, this location was then moved to Jindalee, and then again to our current home at Sumner, which features a large warehouse and office space. We now have a strong support team in the office, and our team of experienced technicians and hard-working apprentices is still growing. Throughout this expansion, SJK Collective’s mantra has been to continue to grow and better serve the Brisbane community, while never straying from our roots and core values.

A new kind of electrician

Testament to these values, and our central ethos of timely and reliable service, is our 24 hour electrical service. From the very beginning, Scott endeavoured to provide the best possible service, and knew that the times that people most need an electrician are often outside of the ‘normal’ work week. An early initiative was therefore to ensure that SJK Collective would always have emergency electricians available around the clock, to ensure that we are there when people are most in need.

Expansion into air conditioning

In 2015 we expanded our services into Air Conditioning, changing our name to “SJK Electrical & Air”. We bring our core competences in electrical systems, our friendly and conscientious attitude, and our significant attention to detail into providing the full range of air conditioning services, from supply and installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. Knowing that air conditioning is a critical fixture for helping Brisbane residents to survive the summers, and the need for this to be cohesively integrated with the rest of the electrical network in the home. This therefore became a natural extension of our work, and we have quickly become specialists in this area, both through directly hiring air conditioning specialists, and through our work in accumulating broad experience with all kinds of climate systems.

Expansion into plumbing

In 2018 we have have chosen a ‘SJK Collective’ to be our new name. It better portrays our business and what we are offering to you.

We are the same people, collectively providing the same commitment to excellence as we always have, now providing plumbing services in addition to electrical and air conditioning across Brisbane.

Powering the Brisbane community

Throughout this process, the underlying driver has always been to support the local community and help improve the lives and comfort of our neighbours in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We therefore regularly support local schools and attend community events.

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