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Why might I need to upgrade my switchboard?

Older switchboards were simply not designed to handle the workload that today’s average home needs. Many older switchboards also don’t contain safety switches, and may contain asbestos. For all these reasons, it’s usually worth replacing and upgrading your switchboard if it’s more than 10 years old.

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Why should I replace my halogen downlights with LED downlights?

LED downlights are significantly cheaper to run than halogen downlights: they can reduce the lighting portion of your electricity bill by up to 75%, which could be hundreds of dollars a year. LED lights are also less likely to start a fire than halogen downlights: with a temperature range of up to 370 degrees, halogen can easily cause an electrical fire if there’s a fault. Upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting is a great move for your finances and your peace of mind.

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What else can I do to make my lights more energy efficient?

Consider installing motion sensor switches or smart light switches. These all help reduce the amount of electricity your lights use: with smart lighting, you can even control the amount of light (and the mood) from your phone, and automatically switch lights on and off when you enter or leave a room!

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Why should I get my smoke alarm professionally checked?

Even if you regularly test your smoke alarm, it’s a good idea to get them professionally checked once a year. They become less effective over time and a professional electrician will be able to identify if your alarms should be replaced.

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Is my smoke alarm really about to become illegal?

Maybe! Due to multiple deaths because of non-functional smoke alarms – or no smoke alarms at all – the law changed in 2017. Now, all smoke alarms more than ten years old must be replaced with photoelectric alarms. In addition, by 2027, interconnected photoelectric alarms must be installed in every bedroom, hallways linking bedrooms, egress path and on each level of your house. If you haven’t upgraded your alarm system yet, you’ll need to do so by 2027 to comply with the law. But why wait until then? Contact us for an upgrade today!

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Do you offer an emergency service?

Yes! We offer both emergency electrical and plumbing services. Both services are 24/7, 365 days a year across multiple Brisbane and Ipswich suburbs. As with all of our services, we are upfront with pricing and will keep you updated on our expected time of arrival. All emergency electricians and plumbers are equipped to address all kinds of electrical and plumbing emergencies and provide highly customised solutions.

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What are the benefits of installing solar panels on my house?

There are several benefits to installing solar panels and generating your own electricity:

  • Lower energy bills: By generating your own electricity through solar panels and selling any excess back into the grid, you can significantly reduce your monthly energy expenses
  • Increased property value: Installing solar panels can increase the value of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Environmental impact: Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of power, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage sustainable living.

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Is installing a battery to store solar-generated electricity a worthwhile investment?

It really depends on your personal circumstances. If you use a lot of electricity outside of daylight hours or want the security of always having power – even during a blackout – then a solar battery is a great investment. For some people, however, the cost of the battery and installation will outweigh any savings they make. To discuss your options, contact us for an open discussion.

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What are the benefits of installing an instantaneous hot water system over a traditional tank system?

First and foremost, an instantaneous hot water system is significantly more energy efficient than a traditional tank. Whereas a tank heats all the water contained within it several times a day, an instantaneous system only heats the water you’re using – resulting in a big cash saving. They’re also considerably smaller than a hot water tank, which could free up space in your laundry, yard or garage for better uses.

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I think I have a gas leak. What should I do?

A gas leak is serious business: carbon monoxide poisoning leads to breathing difficulty, headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Most importantly: if you feel anyone and/or any property is in harm’s way due to a gas leak, contact 000 immediately. You should turn off all appliances, including your electrical appliances and pilot lights. Open all of your doors and windows to help with ventilation, but only if it is safe to do so. Shut off the main gas valve and call our emergency response team immediately to locate the leak and repair it as soon as possible.

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