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SJK Protection Plan

We now offer all our clients an air conditioning maintenance program. Why you ask?

Well, we believe that everyone should treat their air conditioning system like a car, it needs to be serviced regularly. We often see many cases where units are neglected and fail, costing the owner substantial amounts of money.

Most manufacturers of residential air conditioning systems and equipment offer a five year parts and labour warranty. What you might not know is that the warranty can be voided if there is evidence that the system/ equipment was not regularly maintained. Manufacturers recommend that residential installations are to be serviced every twelve months as a minimum.

There are many benefits of signing up to our Protection Plan and regularly maintaining your air conditioning systems!

  1. We offer discounted prices for our customers who sign up to the SJK Protection Plan.
  2. We will remind you when the unit is due for service.
  3. You get priority on all appointments.
  4. A clean unit runs more efficient (saving your hard earned money).
  5. You and your family are breathing healthy/clean air.
  6. Peace of mind that the components of your unit are operating freely with no obstruction or blockages.

If you would like more information about our Protection Plan and the discounted rates we offer, please call 3870 9893.


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