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Government Pushes To Ban Halogen Lighting

The Australian government are beginning the push to phase out halogen lighting. A 200 page document has been released called the “Consultation Regulation Impact Statement –Lighting (CRIS)”. The CRIS document has addressed the issues with halogen lighting and proposed regulation in several areas. The most significant for the lighting industry is regulation for LED technology.

Why the push for LED regulation?

If the government bans halogen lighting there must be a confidence in the replacement product, meaning the replacement items are to be energy efficient, cost effective and reliable. Many lessons have been learnt in recent times with the introduction of LED and the quality has dramatically improved with the added bonus of the price coming down due to many brands coming to market. The only downside is that there are inferior products flooding the market, which is causing major problems.

Why does SJK suggest LED lighting?

It’s simple. We embrace change and technology. If you can get an item that saves money, time and improves lighting output, why wouldn’t you upgrade? Most items have large warranty periods which ensures the consumer will save some money not having to repair as well as a reduction on energy consumption. LED lighting is more expensive than the traditional but is absolutely worth it in the long run

What about the cheap LED items?

SJK Electrical & Air strongly advises you consider this thought “you get what you pay for”. Look for warranty terms and quality brands. Sometimes the cheaper option can end up costing you the most! We only supply the best products because we know they will last the test of time.

What now?

If you are considering repairing or replacing your lighting then contact SJK Electrical & Air. We can offer advice with a free, no obligation quotation. Contact  07 3870 9893 to find out more!

SJK Collective

SJK Collective

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